PO Assessments Rubrics

All Level Three and Four cadets are required to participate in multiple Performance Objective (PO) Assessments. Cadets are assessed on their leadership, drill instruction/leadership, instructing a lesson, aviation knowledge, and aircrew survival skills.

These assessments take a couple different forms.

Leadership assessments aim to measure how well a cadet can lead a team through a tasking. Drill assessments are similar and aim to measure how well a cadet can act as a leader while in the position of a flight second in command and a flight commander while on parade.

Cadets are also assessed on their ability to make a lesson plan and instruct a lesson falling under one of the training categories.

Cadets will be instructed and taught different aviation knowledge that is cumulatively assessed through a written multiple choice and short answer test.

Finally cadets are tested on their ability to perform certain aircrew survival skills such as navigating to a waypoint, and lighting a stove or lantern.

Below cadets will find the assessment rubrics for the leadership, drill, instruct a lesson and aircrew survival PO Assessments. The aviation tests will not be uploaded and are confidential.