Thank you for your interest in joining 283 Woodbridge Legion Air Cadet Squadron. Below you will find more information about the Air Cadet Program and How to become an Air Cadet at 283 Squadron.
Thank you for your interest in joining the 283 Squadron Family.
Unfortunately, we are now at capacity for new Cadets for the current 2023/2024 training year.
We recommend you pre-register to be put on a waiting list for the 2024-2025 season. Our Training year runs from September to June.

To pre-register please visit and click on the “Join the cadet program” link.
Then type in 283 to choose our squadron.
Fill in the application and pay close attention to the medical questions.
These must be filled in correctly.
We will confirm with you once we receive your application.

Every applicant must bring the following documents to the Information and Enrollment Night:

  • The original and a copy of a valid Ontario Provincial Health Card (or equivalent Ontario Health Insurance)
  • Proof of identity (Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, work or study visa issued by the Canadian Government, valid Canadian or Ontario identification card) and a PHOTO COPY of it.
  • When applicable, a copy of the relevant section of any court decree or judgment regarding legal guardian status.
  • When applicable, a copy of the relevant section of a court decree or judgment imposing restrictions or obligations.
  • Family Doctor’s Name, Address and Phone number
  • Alternate Emergency Contact – This is the name, address and phone number of somebody we can contact in case of an emergency and in the event that we can not contact the parent. This is usually a close friend or family member who does not live with you or does not usually travel with you.
  • Get Ready for …. Excitement!

Are you between the ages of 9 and 11? Do you want to meet friends and try something new? Then Consider joining the Navy League until you are old enough to be an Air cadet!

283 Squadron is funded at the national level by the Department of National Defence in partnership with the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada. The civilian sponsor requires local community support to meet its obligations that include accommodations, training aids and equipment and program enhancements not otherwise provided. Parents and Cadets are expected to participate in and contribute to fundraising as required by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee in whatever form or manner the Squadron Sponsoring Committee decides that fund raising may take.  The annual requirements will be discussed at the Recruit Information and Enrollment Night.  No cadet shall ever be turned away for financial need, as we encourage all youth to participate in the program.

Air Cadets learn about the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and participate in flight-related activities. Air Cadets have a chance to earn their civilian pilot licenses through the Air Cadet program.

Gliding is one of the more popular aspects of the Air Cadets and it provides a solid base for learning how to pilot more complicated aircraft.

Many Air Cadets go on to enjoy civilian flying careers, while others choose to pursue flying as an enjoyable life-long hobby.