The following chart is our current Staff members. Some of our Staff are members of the Canadian Armed Forces, their branch is the Cadet Instructor Cadre. We also have Primary Reservists that volunteer and provide specialist training, to support our programs. Then we have Volunteers and Paid Civilian Instructors. This gives 283 Woodbrisge Squadron a very diverse and experienced Staff Members to run our program for our cadets.

Officer Structure

Position Rank Name/Duties
Commanding Officer Captain P. Ferguson, CD
Deputy Commanding Officer Captain G. Menna
Training Officer Captain A. Jammu
Assistant Training Officer Second Lieutenant S. Madden
Training Second Lieutenant A. Lewis
Training Civilian Volunteer A. Monaco
Training Civilian Volunteer P. Sampathkumar
Training Civilian Volunteer G. Hernandez
Training Civilian Volunteer S. Grande
Drill Instructor Civilian Volunteer J. Henrique
Band Instructor Civilian Volunteer G. Kennedy
Administration Officer Civilian Instructor S. Giancola
Supply Officer / Training Civilian Instructor B. Marin
Supply Assistant Civilian Volunteer N. D’Aversa